Ecological Marketing: A Component in the System of the Social Responsibility of Business

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, “green” economy, eco-technologies, eco-marketing, eco-products.


The article’s objective is to investigate using of environmental marketing in marketing strategies at company level through creating the concept of social responsibility of business, which has the social character and global implications, because the problems related with breaking environmental balance by production activities in a region or country have anthropogenic consequences for the whole world. 

Environmental technologies have been widely used in marketing strategies of companies, with large numbers of well known companies and corporations taking advantage of environmental or “green” marketing. But in Ukraine this trend is still at the early phase due to difficult social, economic and political conditions. Data is provided about the number of polluting companies on the Ukrainian territory, giving evidence of bad climate for investors that otherwise might invest in resource saving and environmentally friendly production technologies. Even the notions of “environmental economy” or “green economy” are new to Ukraine and not found in the official documents, although the strategic goals of economic development, outlined in Ukraine for the forthcoming 10 to 12 years, have something common with the objectives to transition to “green” economy. Yet, a change has already visible in the creation of a new “green movement”, a public association propagating environmental modernization of companies and standing for preservation of environment in region, city or village. In view of the above, using of environmental marketing is investigated by case of companies operating on consumer markets of Ukraine. The analysis of marketing activities of companies in promoting environmental innovation shows that it has good chances for further expansion. The study demonstrates that the environmental awareness of the population is growing, with some individuals displaying higher concern with preservation of own health and the environment, and these expectations can be met by the market of environmental goods, which is turning into a highly competitive and attractive niche.            


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