Coordination of the National Statistical System in the Information Security Context

  • О. H. Osaulenko National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: national statistical system, information security, statistics, coordination


The  need for  building  the  national  statistical  system   (NSS)  as  the framework for coordination  of statistical works is substantiated.  NSS is defined on  the  basis  of system approach. It is emphasized that the essential conditions underlying NSS are strategic planning, reliance  on  internationally adopted methods  and due  consideration  to  country-specific environment.  The role of the state coordination policy in organizing statistical activities in  the NSS framework is highlighted,  key objectives of the  integrated national policy on coordination  of statistical activities are given.  Threats arising from non-existence of NSS in a country are shown:  "irregular" pattern of statistical activities, resulting from absence of common legal,  methodological and organizational grounds; high costs involved in the finished information product in parallel with its low quality; impossibility of administering the statistical information security in a coherent manner,  i.  e. keeping with the rules on confidentiality of data, preventing intentional distortion of information and keeping with the rules of treatment with data making the state secret. An extensive review of NSS functional objectives is made:  to ensure the system development of the official statistics;  to ensure confidentiality and protection of individual data; to establish interdepartmental mechanisms for control and protection  of secret statistical information;  to  broaden  and regulate  the access to statistical data and their effective use. The need for creating the National Statistical Commission is grounded.


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