Implementing the “Big Data” Concept in Official Statistics

  • О. V. Zhuravlyov National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: “Big Data”, official statistics, institutional environment, open data, Internet, information


Big data is a huge resource that needs to be used at all levels of economic planning. The article is devoted to the study of the development of the concept of “Big Data” in the world and its impact on the transformation of statistical simulation of economic processes.

Statistics at the current stage should take into account the complex system of international economic relations, which functions in the conditions of globalization and brings new forms of economic development in small open economies. Statistical science should take into account such phenomena as gig-economy, common economy, institutional factors, etc.

The concept of “Big Data” and open data are analyzed, problems of implementation of “Big Data” in the official statistics are shown. The ways of implementation of “Big Data” in the official statistics of Ukraine through active use of technological opportunities of mobile operators, navigation systems, surveillance cameras, social networks, etc. are presented. The possibilities of using “Big Data” in different sectors of the economy, also on the level of companies are shown. The problems of storage of large volumes of data are highlighted.

The study shows that “Big Data” is a huge resource that should be used across the Ukrainian economy.


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