To the solution of inverse problems of an economic nature

  • M. E. Sinytskyi National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: decision support systems, inverse solutions, MS Excel, determinestic factor analysis, production functions


Planning of the current production and financial activities of the enterprise is carried out based on financial statements for previous periods.

It has been proposed by a number of authors to build decision support systems for managers grounding on the solutions of inverse problems of factor analysis of generalized indicators used at different levels of goal decomposition. In these works, the required parameters are found by solving quadratic equations with subsequent selection of verified radicals; the equations are obtained via the additional definition of the factor systems by the ratio of the coefficients of the relative importance of arguments. The coefficients are set by the decision maker.

The article demonstrates such solution to be a special case that is not suitable for piece production and is not optimal from the standpoint of minimizing the costs of resources and maximizing profits. Moreover, given solution represents only a transformation of the coefficients of the relative importance of arguments into increments of these arguments.

The quantitative analysis carried out in the article allows us to conclude that the methods of non-linear optimization of production functions should be applied at all levels of decomposition of the enterprise’s goal when it comes to redistribution of resources.


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